What happens in D.C. doesn’t stay in D.C.!! Every day and in every way, libraries of all shapes and sizes are impacted by what Congress does (or does not) do. Issues under discussion today include:

- Funds for capital and operating expenses
- Support for school librarians
- Research funding for colleges and universities
- Funds for access to technology
- Copyright regulations
- Support for services to help the un- and underemployed
- … and more!

Believe it or not, you — yes YOU can make a difference. This session is perfect for anyone who wants practical tips and techniques to be heard (and agreed with) by legislators, including:

- Friends
- Trustees
- State librarians
- School librarians / media specialists
- Public library reference staff
- Public library executive directors
- Vendors
- General hangers-on

If you want to take action, watch this fast-paced and informative webinar where we help you develop a specific and actionable plan for influencing legislators and their staff. Our work is particularly important now as Congress moves into high-gear on funding discussions. If you’re wondering what you can do to make a difference now, for libraries, this session is for you.

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