"Caihong City" - A sci-fi fairy tale with glitches, unicorns and filth featuring Marian Adochitei, Lana Moscaliuc, Zhao Lewis Liu, Christina Gulick and Matt Decoster.


Director: Florina Titz
Producers: Veronica Jordan-Sardi, Zhao Lewis Liu, Florina Titz
Writers: Florina Titz, Zhao Lewis Liu, Veronica Jordan-Sardi
Director of Photography: Chris Renaud
Production Designer: Laura Cechanowicz
Costume Designer: Ellie Lindholm | Georgiana Toma
Special Effects: Jesse Walker
Teaser Edit: Sophia Lou [Shiver Studios]
Music: Silent Strike

Associate Producer/Location Manager: Fanny Wu
Line Producer: Chris McChane
Supervising Producer: Roy Gokay Wol


In the midst of the wretched and smelly slums of the post-apocalyptic Caihong City, a dying Chinese genius named Liu Junjie completes a Supertask, a nearly impossible genius task that could grant him access to the rich and clean utopia of neighboring Furui City. Liu Junjie struggles to complete his Supertask, a perfect virtual replica of Caihong City, when a mysterious glitch appears in his creation. Just as he begins to lose all hope of finding a better- healthier- life, he meets an uncanny, homeless Russian named Serioja, and a chronically depressed, ruthless Romanian prostitute named Lavinia. The three of them then embark on an adventure through the rainbowed-colored sektors of Caihong in search of a solution to Liu Junjie's glitch. In their journey they slowly unveil the city's- possibly the world's- most shocking and well-kept secrets.

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