On September 17, 2013 the California Endowment and the Library Foundation of Los Angeles provided a training for librarians on the Affordable Care Act in California at the Richard J. Riordan Central Library of Los Angeles Public Library. This training is available in its entirety, but we have provided the time codes for the different individual presentations so that you can skip to the section you are most interested in. Some sections pertain only to Los Angeles County.

00:00:00 - Introductions featuring City Librarian John F. Szabo --There were issues with the audio at the beginning of the recording which affect this first section.

00:03:34 - Dr. Beatriz Solis - Covers the work the California Endowment is doing on the Affordable Care Act and Health in general.

00:13:17 - Annie Carney from the California Endowment - discusses the Asegúrate Campaign within the California Endowment and how libraries can help.

00:22:28 - Katie Murphy from Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County - presents ACA 101: What is the Affordable Care Act?

00:36:23 - McCrae Parker from Zero Divide - discusses e-Healthy Equity and the ACA, with statistics on health related computer usage in libraries.

00:50:30 - Q&A First Half - Questions are answered by Katie Murphy and McCrae Parker

01:08:21 - Diane Stanton from Covered California - explains Covered CA: Enrollment and Eligibility

01:30:17 - Amy Lugtig-Viste from Healthy Way LA - explains Medi-Cal 101 for Los Angeles County and what will happen with MediCal expansion in Los Angeles

01:43:46 - Lucien Wulsin from the Insure the Uninsured Project - discusses the Undocumented and the Remaining Uninsured

01:56:30 - Stephanie Ramirez from AARP - gives an overview of Medicare and how it is affected by but separate from the Affordable Care Act

02:15:51 - Q&A Second Half - Questions are answered by Diane Stanton, Amy Luftig-Viste, Lucien Wulsin and Stephanie Ramirez

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