Welcome to the official Fantasy Island Reality TV Series. (The Making of Living the Fantasy)

This is the first time globally since 2005 that these 5 episodes / series has ever been placed for viewing on the open net and various social media sites.

This series has been accused of never airing on various free to air television networks such as Channel Ten, Southern CrossTen, Brisbane 31, Digital 31 and several other television networks.

However it did numerous times even as reruns in December 2012.

The 5 shows rated extremely well and various current affair shows and newspapers are currently before the courts facing defamation proceedings ranging in the sum of in excess of fifty one million dollars!

A Current Affair (Channel Nine) and the Gold Coast Bulletin are among the offending entities.

The show and it's producers / creators regardless of false allegations which have never nor will they ever be able to be proven do not owe as much as a dollar to anyone!!!

Allegations are merely that!

Australia is renown for the tall poppy mentality.

We urge all viewers to not be fooled by false and misleading defamatory reports or innuendos keeping in mind that there are always two sides to every story ours is yet to be told.

Enjoy the show as 2014 will be a year where the largest International Reality TV Series titled Bikini Island - Reality TV will be shot in Malaysia and is estimated to air in 100 countries.

The reason the series name has changed is due to an amicable conclusion between our show and the original fantasy island tv show which features tattoo.

The names were to similar, so this is the only reason why the name of the new series has been changed.

See you soon on the big screens watch out because what we have in store for viewers worldwide with our new series will be a must to see.

For any confirmation / enquires or any interest in false and unproven allegations about our previous show feel free to contact us at: oneworldmusic@rocketmail.com

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