His name is Clement Opoku Boamah, but friends call him Righteous. In October 2011, Clement had a vision to build a free school for the needy people of his community. Now that dream is a reality. In order to maintain his free school he has had to work harder than ever. In each episode, Clement hows you the various projects that sustain his free school. And in the end, you will be given the opportunity to donate to his cause. Righteous' Cause.

In this episode, Clement shows you the Konadu Basic School, the free school he started in his community. The school is doing well, but needs your help.

Our project is to construct three new classrooms for the Konadu Basic School. The students of the Basic School are currently housed in an incomplete, inadequate and temporary structure. Completion of this school, comprising pre-school, kindergarten, and Form 1 classrooms will give students a safe and permanent place to learn. The school will be constructed with discarded tires using the "Rammed-Earth construction method". It is a technique that uses stacked tires filled with compacted dirt and recyclable materials, which is reinforced with wooden rods and Vetiver grass. Local vulcanizers have been donating their used tires to the project. Effectively, this project will take 3000 used car tires, as well as recyclable waste materials to create a new school building. There are local masons and carpenters that have expressed interest in learning how to implement this uncommon, yet in-expensive, method of construction. They are happy to contribute their skills and labor in exchange for hands-on experience with this new and practical building technique.

To Donate to Righteous' Cause Go To crowdrise.com/righteous

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