We sat on this edit for months unsure whether the (already crowded) world of BMX needs another skatepark edit filmed on a cheap camera (with kit lens) in less than an hour.

Now we're sat in the middle of Winter and these clips remind us of the good times; chilling at the local in Summer.

At risk of paying too much attention to skateboarding, this series is partly inspired by an interview with skater Alex Olson. "When Crailtap would come out with little videos you’d be psyched on those because it was just skating, it wasn’t the hardest thing and you can relate to that. Skating is just weird right now. It’s on such a mentality like, check out how hard I’ve tried to make something.. and that’s progression which is totally cool but I just wanna skate and have fun and actually showcase it."

I think what we're trying to say here is that "clocking footage" isn't always the funnest, however, riding pretty much always is. And edits with riding that normal folks might want to actually try is sometimes more inspiring than some fella who's killed himself to get the hardest possible clips.

If you want so see Jamie's street edit go here: vimeo.com/78874803

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