"The Work Comes First" is a permanent installation at Wieden+Kennedy which is intended to exemplify the mantra. With only limited outside help, this piece was hand crafted internally by W+K's creative technology team. About 900 solenoids and screws, over two miles of wire, many prototype iterations, and countless hours of tedious wire prep and soldering and programming and engineering; have all culminated into this experience that has to be seen, heard, and played with to truly appreciate.

Made with Cinder, Arduino, and the Cinder-Asio and Cinder-OpenNI blocks.

Technology by Evan Cordes, Zhao He, Michael Latzoni, and Mark Keppinger, and myself.
Design by Ayse Altinok and Joe Paganucci.
Construction by the folks listed above and Rob Off.

Proper documentation to come, along with full production credits. This video is just a teaser from my phone this morning.

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