The Altes Museum is one of the most important works of Neoclassical architecture, built between 1823 and 1830 and designed by Karl Friedrich Schinkel. Originally built to house all of Berlin's art collections, the Altes Museum has been home to the Collection of Classical Antiquities since 1904.

Enjoy the I. Part of Roman Collection: Römische Sammlung in 4K!

Now that the Etruscans and Romans on the building's upper floor have already enthralled some 250,000 visitors since their unveiling in July 2010, the Collection of Classical Antiquities is about to present its world-famous collection of Greek art in a wholly new guise on the main floor.

Handcrafted by filmjunge. Finest stillness and motion pictures. Secured with Canon 7D. Mastered in 4K.

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