This video contains material from almost all the places I visited in both Australia (OZ) and New Zealand (NZ). It was a truly amazing trip during these months between september 2012 and january 2013. You will see everything from scuba diving, enjoying incredible views to skydiving, bungy jumping and just exploring the surroundings. As a backpacker.
I recorded most of this on my way down the australian east coast, but then there's also material from Sydney, New Zealand, etc.
If you met me somewhere in Australia or New Zealand, you're most likely in this video somewhere!
Last friday (september 13th 2013) was exactly one year ago me and Viktor arrived to Sydney.
I hope you'll enjoy my video, but for me, everything is connected with such strong memories. This was surely an awesome trip. The trip of my life.

You'll find more videos from Australia here on my Vimeo-page and a lot of photos on my Flickr-page:

I may do some changes to this text soon. I just typed down something real quick.

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