Two days ago I was in my LHS getting some stuff for a project when I noticed they had the BNF 350QX. I wanted to know if this thing could lift the BL gimbal so I bought it and brought it home for some testing.

By the time I got home, mounted the gimbal, heated up the soldering iron and kluged in some power for the gimbal, it was dark! …oh, and a storm was coming in from the west.

With the battery charged and my DX8 programed, I shot outside for a maiden flight. Yeah, I had not even flown it without the mount. This would be the first time in the air for the 350QX.

The wind was starting to gust and my weather station confirmed it was 17 knots gusting to 23! With lightning on the horizon I armed the Quad and …well it would not fly, I was too close. I turned off smart mode and this is what I captured on the GoPro Hero3 Black!

I dip the music so you can hear how hard the Quad was working to maintain position.

It started to rain and I had to land quickly and dash into the house.

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