I have to be honest when I say this; after I finished editing this video, I set on my couch to see the final version on the big screen. I realized that I was too busy shooting the video on the wedding day that I couldn't feel what other people felt around me until I show this wedding video highlights. For example, I did see Sukhmeet's mother hugging her during Vidai ceremony but I couldn't feel the moment until I show the clip in which her mother hugged her and said "Na mere puttar" which simply means "no my child". Very touchy, at least to me.

Tip: So many guys out there believe that having a good camera is enough to take good video. In my opinion, having good equipment is great thing but it does not make your video look good. What makes it look good is all those moments and the way they are captured so my suggestion is to stop looking for best camera out there. Focus on what and how you want to capture the event for your client.

Our got at NYNJ Photography is to capture all those moments and present it to you in most simplistic and elegant manner.

Enjoy the Sikh wedding video and make sure to write your comments.

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