Schwerin is a cozy town in former East Germany
a picturesque location half an hour from the Baltic Sea
in the town of Schwerin
you can see 11 lakes and ponds
the largest one is Schweriner See
On an island within this lake
there’s Schwerin Castle

Schwerin Castle is one
of the most beautiful castle
of northern Germany

Built over a thousand years ago
it was enlarged and rebuilt several times
but its actual appearance is due to a large restoration
carried out between 1843 and 1857

architects of this restoration
were inspired by the famous
Chambord Castle in France

Some interiors
dating back to '500
still remain perfectly intact

This castle is surrounded by the "Burggarten", or garden of fortress,
a nice English-style park with an artificial cave

Overall, the castle reflects many different architectural styles
but this does not affect its whole harmony

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