"Kabelvåg is a state of mind. A state of emergency."

Set far north in Norway, this short is a film portrait of Kabelvåg, the oldest fishing village of the Lofoten Islands. In the far corners of our world; small town life is becoming extinct. Kabelvåg is dying. It hasn't got a healthy fishing industry any more. But it continues to exist, holding on as if catching its last, dying breath. Can it survive? Can it be born again?

This film is a short documentary, I guess, but I would like to call it a 'short film essay'. It is shot on high contrast black/white film stock (both super8 and 16mm), but also consists of a variety of archive images and some animation. I developed the negative myself, trying to create the visual look as much as possible by analog methods.

I couldn't afford making a telecine transfer for the digital cut, so the images is affected to a certain degree by the DV transfer. Yet I hope it comes across just about the way it was meant to be seen.

So, enjoy - and please feel free to comment or pose questions. Any interest will be most appreciated.

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