Here's a virtual movie of a poet I know nothing about other than finding this sound recording in a collection of reel to reel tapes I recently bought.The tapes were interviews by the late Julian Woodward a brilliantly talented interviewer for the BBC External services during the 1960's and 1970's who again I know very little about apart from the extraordinary collection of tapes I now have in my archive of spoken word recordings.Julian conducted a collection of very insightful interviews and seems to have worked for the BBC African service during the 1970's,and it is from this series of interviews that I stumbled across the wonderful sound recording used in this virtual movie."Voices of the Slaves" Unusually Julian only refers to Clarence his interviewee by his first name Clarence who is a a poet from the West Indies his surname is not given so if any kind youtuber knows who he is please be kind enough to let me know any information you have about Clarence or Julian Woodward and I will amend these notes accordingly..

In the interview Julian says to Clarence "West Indians have not always had a very gpood relationship with West Africans" Clarence explains that is because of the brainwashing that was imposed from slavery times until recently West Indians had been cut off from their African roots and indoctrinated into thinking of not Africa as their Mother Land,but England.This beautiful poem with its distinctly African style drum accompaniment needs no explanation in its expression of angst for the many wrongs of slavery and colonial imposition upon the tribes of Africa.

Kind Regards

Jim Clark
All rights are reserved on this video recording copyright Jim Clark 2013

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