Where Unexpected Meets Travel and Fitness...an experiment in culture sharing.

Every place has a story...a culture which is expressed in its people and places.

Most of the time as visitors we are pointed to the iconic and celebrated locations, i.e. Clinton Library, State Capitol, Central High School, etc. So we take the direct route to see them.

But often the most interesting and meaningful things are off the beaten path. And they aren’t very noticeable if you pass them at 60 miles an hour.

My dream is to bring these places to life...to give us a reason to get out of our cars, slow down and notice things. And to get some exercise in the process.

And, of course we want to share our discoveries. So, we need your help to map these interesting spots. We’ve drawn a 100 mile radius around Little Rock. Your task is to snap photos of places you find interesting and send them to us. You'll get credit for your submissions. And they will be posted on this page. You can find instructions and info about a cool contest in a separate post.

Now, get to snapp'in. And thanks for your help in putting our culture on the map!


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