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“Heaven of Cherubs” - About the project
Aecio Sarti is an artist who paints on used truck tarpaulin (truck covers). The reuse of the tarp by the painter makes its original functionality gives rise to the manifestation of art.
For this project Aecio painted a “Heaven of Cherubs” over an entire piece of truck cover (12x8m). Dozens of cherubs represented the protection of the truck through the Brazilian roads.
The painted tarp covered a load of ceramic pots, which were transported by a truck driver and his two assistants who regularly carry these recipients from the northeast to the southeast of Brazil. The pots are produced by women from a small community in the drylands of Bahia region, in order to be used for water storage in other poor Brazilian regions. The truck driver's business is about giving the new pots in exchange for the old ones which then are sold as decoration in richest cities. This was the journey witnessed by the "Heaven of Cherubs".

Check out the teaser and the trailer of the documentary, and also some photos of all of this. Over 2014 are also scheduled temporary exhibitions and the book launch.
Watch here soon the short “Heaven of Cherubs”

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