My name is Raphael Turner and I am a former professional baseball player and now personal trainer and baseball instructor living in Charlotte, NC. It is with great pride that I can say I've been instrumental in helping develop a number of baseball talents into good baseball players at the middle school, high school, collegiate, and professional levels. I aim to bring the same ideals that brought myself and other professionals success, to the baseball amateur athletes of the Charlotte area.

It is not very hard to find instruction in Charlotte. It is something that is actually quite plentiful surrounding the city. The problem for most when it comes to choosing an athletic organization in Charlotte is the distance. As a professional athlete training in my off-season, it almost seemed as if I spent more time racking up miles than I did training. I traveled from facility to facility to find the perfect fit. I can only imagine how young athletes feel about this and the inconvenience it brings onto their parents. I wanted to create a more feasible option. We are located conveniently in the Mallard Creek/Concord area. With that, we also offer quality is second to none. As Unmatched, we will offer convenience as well as quality.

When looking to compete at higher levels of play, visibility is important. With connections at the collegiate as well as the professional level, Unmatched makes it a priority in being sure that the parents as well as the players are equipped with the tools necessary to get the athletes as much exposure as possible.

Unmatched Performance is committed to providing a skillful team of athletes and instructors that have your best interest in mind. A team with experience, as well as one with proven success and stands behind the results it promises. When being good is not enough, we step in to help elevate your game and give you a better chance to succeed amongst your competition.

Our vision is to provide a training service that is leaps and bounds beyond what is expected of a baseball training experience. Furthermore, we aim to show amateur athletes the hard work, dedication, and sacrifice it takes to meet and exceed their goals. We believe that being the best athlete possible entails more than just the statistics you post in sport. It is also how you present yourself beyond the sports arena that affects performance and exposure. As Unmatched moves toward its goal of setting the precedent in what parents and athletes should expect from a training company, we will encourage, motivate, and inspire athletes to expect the very best from themselves so that they may DREAM BIG and BALL HARD!.

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