The first part of a chronological Star Trek Mega Suite I've started. Since I'm starting chronologically, it starts with First Contact. Then it moves on to Enterprise, and ends with a hint of Star Trek (2009) and a wonderful medley that Dennis McCarthy wrote to end the last episode of Enterprise. I put in the hint of the opening of Star Trek (2009) to hint at the very undeveloped era between Enterprise and TOS/2009, such as the U.S.S. Kelvin's era.

I tried to focus mainly on the themes for each era/story, so I didn't put a lot of battle music from Enterprise to represent the Temporal Cold War/Xindi Arc/Romulan War. Instead I used some sad/ominous music McCarthy wrote for "These Are The Voyages" and instead focused on the formation of the Federation.

For those interested, I'll continue this in more parts, following the Original Series, Movies I-VI and the early part of Generations, then TNG, DS9 and VOY, with TNG movies interspersed. Finally, I'll end with a sort of music segue back in time to Star Trek (2009). For First Contact in the TNG part, I'll focus more on the Borg music, but with some reprises of the First Contact theme.

I'm not 100% happy with all the music transitions and cross-fades, but I think it turned out pretty well over all. Enjoy.

Music From:
-Star Trek: First Contact by Jerry Goldsmith
-Enterprise - "Broken Bow" by Dennis McCarthy
-Star Trek: Enterprise - "These Are The Voyages" by Dennis McCarthy
-Star Trek (2009) by Michael Giacchino
-Star Trek Fanfare by Alexander Courage

Suite done in Mixcraft 5.
Art by The Lightworks.
Original Soundtrack by Jerry Goldsmith, Dennis McCarthy and Michael Giacchino.
No copyright infringement intended. This is just a medley made for fun.

UPDATE: I'm looking for suggestions for future installments. Here's what I'm currently thinking (may change):

2. These Are the Voyages - TOS, maybe TAS?, TMP
3. Of the Starship Enterprise - II, III, IV
4. It's Continuing Mission - V, VI, Part of Generations (23rd century)
5. To Explore Strange New Worlds - TNG, Generations (24th century)
6. To Seek Out New Life - First Contact (more Borg/TNG focused), DS9
7. And New Civilizations - Insurrection, VOY
8. To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before - Nemesis, 2009

I'm particularly looking for good/memorable TOS, TNG, DS9, & VOY episode cues to use too. Especially DS9 as I don't know it as well as the others. I'm also considering doing some additional "themed" tracks after all of these, focusing on music involving space battles, villains, exploration, and even some species/cultures like Vulcan-themed, Borg-themed, Romulan-themed, etc. I may even do a few for expanded universe music like Starfleet Academy, Elite Force and Star Trek Online. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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