RF-based Quality Intima Media Thickness-RFQIMT method is the next generation IMT real-time measurement for high accuracy and reproducibility in early detection of cardiovascular diseases (e.g. diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, etc.) and for detecting early atherosclerosis.
Based on the direct analysis of the radiofrequency signal, this technique is a gold standard for diameter, changes in diameter and wall vessel measurements with high spatial resolution.
The normal arterial wall is composed of two acoustic impe dance interfaces: the transition between blood and intima, and the transition between media and adventitia. The distance between those two acoustic interfaces is the definition for IMT.

Improving techniques (higher frequency probes, better focalization and digital signal processing) together with more advanced stages of disease, additional transitions may appear between the two classical layers. These additional interfaces may correspond to intima hyperplasia, media fibrosis or small plaques. An extended algorithm for interface recognition, applicable on bi-dimensional RF matrix acquisition online and offline, is available with ART.LAB.

The RFQIMT measurement and protocol follow the Mannheim Consensus.

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