Sin Imagen (Without Image) (2013)
This short solo is a paradox: presents a body to be observed but a body that does not think it is observed. The body becomes a container of sensations that cannot be seen but that happen. What the body do, it has no relation to an image while it is one.
It is a sequence of movements that was build by working in relation to the propioceptive neurological system. The practice consisted in sensibilize the sensantion that movement produce, and the premise was to find a movemente with a really different sensation of the one that comes before. By the moment I clearly identify a sensation in my body I pass to the next movement that produce a very different sensation. Also the practice includes a complete indifference towards thinking in how I look while moving or what a movement or a gesture could mean. The result is a short piece were change constantly happens. It is a really short piece if I mesure its time in terms of minuits, but it is really long one if I think that time does not really exist and the only thing that exist is change.
The piece includes a prologue, that consist in hiperstimulate bodily sensation by beating the body while exploring the sounds a body make, and an epilogue wich consist in a non stop dancing while embody the sensation that I most enjoy through movement , wich are: turning, loosing control, change constantly the direction and inhabit a big kinesfera while dancing to a song that in this case I have in my mind. This work is still under development.

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