Production : Beyonder
Realisation : David Maginot
Assistant Director : Lucile Charles
Music : Luxury - JAWS
Mehdi Ben Cheikh for Gallery Itinerrance

Over looking the Seine, La Tour Paris 13‎ is a project curated by Mehdi Ben Cheikh from Galerie Itinerrance. During a year, the entire building was painted by 100 international street and graffiti artists, each leaving their mark with murals and installations within the 36 apartments over 9 floors and cellars. Opening to the public for a month from October 1st, the building is due to be demolished in November, making it the largest temporary street art exhibition in Europe. To celebrate the upcoming launch a giant Keith Haring banner (seen above) has also been erected along the building.

Artists :

108 (Italie)
2MIL (Brésil)
Add Fuel (Portugal)
AGL/ Pantonio (France)
Agostino Lacurci (Italie)
Alëxone (France)
Alone (ou A1one) (Iran)
Amin (France)
Aous (Arabie Saoudite)
AweR (Italie)
Azooz (Arabie Saoudite)
Belem (Portugal)
Bom.K (France)
BToy (Espagne)
C215 (France)
Celeste Java (France)
Cope2 (USA)
Corleone (Portugal)
Dabro (Tunisie)
Dado (Italie)
Dan23 (France)
David Walker (UK)
Eime (Portugal)
eL Seed (Tunisie)
Ethos (Bresil)
Etnik (Italie)
Fenx (France)
Flip (Brésil)
Gael (France)
Gilbert (France)
Guy Denning (UK)
Herbert Baglione (Brésil)
Hogre (Italie)
Hopnn (Italie)
Indie 184 (USA)
Inti Ansa (France)
Inti Castro (Chili)
Jaz (Argentine)
JB Rock (Italie)
Jimmy C (Australie)
Joao Samina (Portugal)
Jonone (USA)
Joys (Italie)
Julien Colombier (France)
Kan (France)
Katre (France)
Kruella (Portugal)
Legz (France)
Lek (France)
Liliwenn (France)
Loiola (Brésil)
Ludo (France)
Madame Sanbor (France)
Mar (Portugal)
Marko93 (France)
Mario Belem (Portugal)
Maryam (Arabie Saoudite)
Matéo Garcia Leon (France)
Maz (Arabie Saoudite)
MoneyLess (Italie)
Mosko (France)
Mp5 (Italie)
Myre (France)
Nano (Chili)
Nebay (France)
Nemi Uhu (France)
Nilko (France)
Orticanoodles (Italie)
Pantonio (Portugal)
Paulo Arraiano (Portugal)
Peeta (Italie)
Philippe Baudelocque (France)
Rapto (Brésil)
Rea 1 (France)
Rodolphe Cintorino (France)
Roti (France)
Sambre (France)
Sean Hart (France)
Sebastien Preschoux (France)
Senso (Italie)
Seth (France)
Shaka (France)
Shoof (Tunisie)
Shuck2 (France)
Sowat (France)
Spazm (France)
Speto (Bresil)
STeW (France)
Stinkfish (Mexique)
Sumo (Luxembourg)
Tellas (Italie)
Tinho (Bresil)
Tore (France)
Uno (France)
Uriginal (Espagne)
Vexta (Australie)
Vhils (Portugal) (ou Maismenos) (Portugal).

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