A "vintage" shoot from our adolescent years, this video begins to take you into the subterranean wonder of Chute's Cave adjacent to downtown Minneapolis. Read an account of the exploration at bit.ly/18jUVoE.

This is old video from our adolescent years before GoPro's and the adoption of proper equipment and caving practices. Rest assured, with proper guidance from local organizations we have developed into responsible cavers. Always wear helmets and invest in proper lighting

DISCLAIMER: The act of urban exploration often requires participants illegally trespass. While we at UrbanWild believe the urban exploring community willingly take such risks in pursuit of scientific, historical and artistic enterprise while following a respectful and responsible code of ethics, we do not share content in the hopes that readers will attempt to access these places. Instead, we appreciate you direct your curiosity to our carefully curated blogroll of relevant urban exploring sites, and that you consider joining groups such as the Minnesota Speleological Survey to gain legal access to underground adventures.


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