Not Quite Hollywood is the first detailed examination and celebration of Australian genre films in the 70's and early 80's and the undervalued auteurs and actors who brought them to life in such an explosive way.

With over 5,000 original production stills and hours of footage from the films themselves l set about selecting and preparing assets that were appropriate for the opening title sequence. Five animators (including myself) were each given a group of pre-prepared assets, which contained a selection of clipped images and footage (some roto-scoped) along with an opening credit and section of audio from the opening track: 'We can't be Beaten' by Rose Tattoo.

The brief for each animator was to be inspired by the assets themselves and to create a fast-paced visual 'mash-up' of high-impact motion graphics with character and energy. Although we all had different animation styles and techniques we had to be conscious of an overall level continuity and to ensure that our comps merged seamlessly together.

A 3D animator was hired to work on the all important logo reveal, which acted as the climax to the opening credit sequence. I was able to give him detailed timing animatics, storyboards and visual treatments in order to assist him in re-creating the outback drive-in at sunset that we were after.

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