Having read and absorbed the very important book BLESS THE BEES by Kenneth Eade, this version that delivers the same message is meant for children and is a very fine introduction to biology for young minds: teach them from the start to honor bees and their mission for our flourishing.

Los Angeles based Kenneth G. Eade is an international business lawyer specializing in international law, Internet Law, transactional and corporate law, complex business litigation, securities litigation, Contract Law, General Commercial and Business Law Matters, Licensing Agreements, and Mergers & Acquisitions - his depth of knowledge and accomplishments in his field are staggering. Yet he has a pet project: as an environmentalist he has founded beebay.org - a resource for nurturing his concern for the endangered bee population of the world. All that is important for parents to know in electing to follow his book for children on the topical subject of the importance of bees.

Partnered with his wife Valentina who happens to be a very gifted photographer Eade presents in language a child can understand and remember an overview of the various types of pollinators, not only honey bees and bumble bees but also butterflies, birds and bats: how many knew that bats were responsible for pollinating bananas, mangoes, guava, peaches and cacti? The Eades show and tell us how bees go about their magic of pollinating, how they live, thrive, are anatomically constructed, and how they can only sting once before they die. The fascinating ways bees go about gathering pollen and turning that not honey is as exciting as an adventure tale!

There is enough information presented on the various ways the population of bees is haunted by man to engage the imagination and warrior attitude in children to save these wondrous producers of honey and proliferators of flowers and fruits. It is a fine journey and a welcome injection of learning from beautiful books written for children: hopefully the reading parent pays very close attention, too! An excellent book and highly recommended.

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