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"Vic the Viking" by Flying Bark Productions / Studio 100 Animation
"Mathilda" character by Xiong Lin -
"Junnie" character from the film "Sasha" -
"Pharaoh" character from the film "Ritual" -


Vic the Viking [0:030:09]
Responsible for rigging assets for the layout team
Efficiently rigged >25 assets per week using AdvancedSkeleton
Troubleshoot in-house rig customization tools and devise quick work-around solutions

Face Rig System [0:101:10]
Responsible for rigging and tools development
Created an automated face rig setup with PyMEL
Built the “Mathilda Rig” by layering additional deformers over the Face Rig System
Designed interface for rig to be easily deployed on characters with varying proportions
Developed “Topology-space Skinning” method –

E.E.K.! (Emotionally-enhanced-koala) [1:112:02]
Responsible for all
Designed, modeled, rigged and animated character
Implemented character rigging workflow that utilizes AdvancedSkeleton, Comet's poseDeformer, DPK_bcs (blendshape combination system) and ngSkinTools
Developed squash and stretch feature that allows facial rig to deform with the spine
Created animation and deformation tools with Python
Further details on my R&D work can be found at

Dancing Dachshund [2:032:14]
Responsible for modeling, rigging and animation
Simulated ears and tail with nHair dynamics
Developed “quadruped-biped switching” feature that automatically sets optimal rotation orders to help avoid gimbal lock

Dr. Albert Crust [2:152:21]
Responsible for all
Designed, modeled and rigged character
Implemented collision deformation using utility nodes and wire deformers
Developed unique deformation effects using wire and sculpt deformers

Sasha [2:222:31]
Responsible for rigging and dynamics
Developed facial rigs for both characters
Integrated nHair and nCloth dynamics into rig
Provided on-going support and maintenance in the animation pipeline

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