This video is part of the HandWallet Expense Manager video guide. HandWallet is a free app to mange budet and expense. You can download it from all the popular app stores:

You are now in the details screen of an account.
The accounts are used when you enter an "Action" for example shopping, paying bill and so on. You will need to link any expense you add to an account.
There are 3 main types of accounts: Cash, bank account (which is also known as check account) and credit card.
If you have several bank account or credit cards you should define each one of them as a separate account.

Pay attention that each account is managed in a specific currency. HandWallet will try to find your home currency from the definitions of your device, but sometimes it is impossible. So check that you are working with the right currency.

If you are travelling aboard and use foreign currency, define a different cash account for each currency.

If you define a credit card or a bank account pay attention to the "advanced" button. There are a lot of options there, but I will help is needed.

To save you new account or any changes you did press the "Confirm" button.

To get more information visit the HandWallet Expense Manager site:
or the HandWallet Expense Manager forum:

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