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Battery Tip Purchase the largest milliamp hour possible for the physical size of the battery, there is a 1400mah battery available, check out the link for a set of 3 and a dock to charge the battery.

After the unboxing the camera comes with minimum accessories, and requires a lot to get it to work. Unfortunately you can't use this right out of the box so be prepared to increase the estimated cost of the camera adding the accessories you'll need to make it work, like SDXC cards. The camera will not even accept an incompatible card, so accept that any cards you may have may not work. The camera has been tested to be working with cards the can get speeds from 45mbs.

After switching on the camera the menu system is plain and simple there are no advanced controls or extra options just the bare minimum to get it to work, just like what's in the box. Don't expect a menu system like what's in a EOS, but they've laid it out easy so that anyone can jump on and work it out, without the manual.

I also mentioned 3D, the camera mounting points on both top and bottom allow one camera to be able to be mounted upside down so that the lenses can be close to each other, this is a very good solution to avoid using a mirror box. Testing needs to be done, all in theory right now.

The footage of the camera is amazing, but I still have more testing to do, I would recommend viewing Phillip Bloom's full review of the camera, giving you great inside to it's ups and downs, but more importantly the quality of the footage.

Overall I have to mention I think as a first time blackmagic user you will find the camera to feel less of a camera as compared to a sony, panasonic or canon system. The menu the buttons the details is just not there, you'll feel it's missing some things, but it does still work. I have to tell my self this camera is made simply for filming, without all extra features needed.

Thanks Daniel

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