video - performance / Isabel Pérez del Pulgar
graphic composition, photography, mosesa 3A, mixing and mastering / Wilhelm Matthies
piano / Joaquín Sebastian Mendoza
flute / Paulo Chagas

I could say it is a beautiful enigmatic, cubist-poetic film
and call it a day!

I notice, that the less you know about what is going on, the less enigmatic it is.
If you just look at it, you see someone goes swimming in an algae filled stream, stream images pass. Strange music plays.

When you look and hear closer, you see/hear more. The lady in the water is not swimming, she goes into the water, moves around, but she is not swimming. She dips her head in the water repeatedly, like she repeatedly becomes part of the stream and then pulls out.

Oh, now I begin to see. Like a pearl, new layers are built each time I see it. I see layers of stream passing, I see water passing, I see streams of time passing, I hear streams of sounds passing, constantly showing new angles on being in a stream of water and sound.

The low instrument that at first sounded like a cello begins to sound like something breathing sound, breathing in sounds, breathing them out in different ways. The piano sounds begin to glint like light off of a pearl, never do I hear the same tone colors twice,..... the flute gives deep commentary of what it going on, but what is it?

I begin to question what I see. I connect to memories of being in water, moving just for the joy of moving, moving in water filled with plants and fish, feeling the mystery of what I enjoy seeing and feeling and the greater vastness of what I cannot feel, see and hear. I feel the water on my body, immersing me, then pulling out, then going in again. Each time the mystery deepens, and I am there, like the lady in the film, flowing, flowing in mystery, stream pearls.
W. Matthies

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