My cat Leonal is finally back in his territory after four months. He originally lives with my parents but I had him in my appartment so I could check on him daily. I needed to do that because I had to give him a deworming, checkup with a vetrenary, pulling a broken tooth, another checkup, another checkup because his gums didn't heal, sand down a sharp part of his jaw-bone and sew together the gums. Another checkup to confirm if it had properly healed and finally a month of testing different catfood.

The cheap supermarket cat food my dad used to give him took his energy away, gave him a bad breath and made him sneeze. So I tried different proper cat food you buy from the vet or a pet store, and it took a while before I found something that didn't give him a hard stomach.

In the end he got back to his usual energic self and I am very happy :D

I did live with him at my parents house for a while but I recently moved to my own appartment and my Leonal is not an indoor cat at all, he truly loves the forest and his territory.

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