Mike from PointofViewCamearas.com testing the new ContourHD1080p unit in 960p mode.

Taken at the top of Edmonton River Valley Trail System. Camera mounted to a XC helmet using VholdR standard flat surface helmet mount. Ignore the dark semi circle spot on the left edge of video. It was an issue isolated to my demo camera.

This video was taken in Tall HD - 960p mode (1280 x 960 @ 30 fps) and uploaded in raw (no editing or post processing). Video was down converted by vimeo to 1280 x 720 (highest supported size). You can download the 1280 x 960 source file if you have a vimeo account.

All Standard camera setting were maintained for out of the box test (with the exception of Tall HD - 960p video), default bit rate, default microphone gain of 33, default "everyday outdoor" lighting setting (56 contrast, -1 exposure, 3 sharpness and center metering)

Take a look at other videos in our channel to see different resolution settings and modes.

Check out the GoPro HD video taken at the same time.

The GoPro HD was mounted using a chest mount.

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