Come What May ~ Original Song by jipseheart
So blessed to have been given this song.
I'll not let the waves trouble me because I trust in Jesus.

I didn't sing or play it perfectly... mostly because I am not perfect
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Lyrics because they are beautiful:
Come What May
original song by jipseheart

Lord I love you, Lord I trust you
I found out today he's on his way
But I'll not worry 'cause I know you're near
With the faith you've given I'll have no fear

And I'll follow you to my dying day
And I'll trust in you come what may

And all the glory that I've learned of
And all the wonders that I've dreamed of
I will sleep til you awake me

Lord I love you
And I believe
In your love and mercy
Oh how beautiful now I see

Got home from work and heard some bad news. July was a rough month for me too. I opened one of my many notepads and thumbed through it.... last page was the first two lines of this song with some chords scribbled in the margin. Picked up the guitar and finished inside of an hour. Even got the tree footage same day. God is so good. He gave me what I needed to sing. He knows what I am up against better than me.

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