"Who Are You.. Really"
The creative idea for this movie came from various discussions I have been having with friends and family regarding either the haphazardness of the pattern ones life takes vs. the concept that every encounter has a purpose and meaning.
Honestly I struggle with the answer to this question more than I let on but nevertheless I believe that cause and effect is a tangible outcome of every decision you make. This is often described in my discussions as when you come up to a decision its a fork in the road you have to choose one... and by choosing one of them you have set a pattern or new path. You never really know if the path you are on is the BEST path but it doesn't matter because you choose the one you are on... and you are on it NOW. That is all that matters... What matters is that you be present on your path and give it everything you have. Commit to it, embrace it and relish it. It is you now.

"Who Are You... Really" is my interpretation of two versions or paths that might have been. They are fictional and represent a view into potential versions of the same person.


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