Hear the story about the camera and photographer that took one of the most amazing live stage photos of Mick Jagger in the 70s, when he played at Kooyong in Australia.

It also captured a unique and bohemian moment in time, St.Kilda in the 70s. This place that is now a tourist destination, with fancy bars, flashy cars and fragrant coffee was once a haven for migrants, down and outs, party people and folk who otherwise just didn't belong.

For more of Richard's work: richardcrawley.com.au/

The photos displayed in this video slideshow were all captured on film, with an SLR, and are copyright to Richard Crawely. The slideshow itself was captured on the modern version, a DSLR, by ABC Open Producer Emily Bissland, who can help you to make one of these ABC Open Object Stories yourself!


If the objects around us could talk they would tell fascinating stories about our lives. Object Stories is a joint project between ABC Open, Radio National and the National Museum of Australia which invites you to choose an object that has a great tale to tell and contribute its story to a virtual museum of Australian objects.

Some objects have a particularly local story, while others tell stories from far away. Some are about the way people work or live, while other objects hold stories about changing attitudes and lifestyles of Australians.

This project invites regional museums, historical societies and individuals to be part of a collection of objects which together tell the story of Australia. Selected stories contributed to the Object Stories project will be featured by the National Museum of Australia and through a series of ABC Radio National programs.

Photographed / Directed / Edited by Emily Bissland
Featuring Photographer Richard Crawley

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