video shot and edited by: George Forste

2013 idgf underground

band members:
Chappy Hull - Guitars, Vocals
Tyler Coburn - Drums, sometimes vocals
Past members:
Sean Thompson
Jesse "Juicy Wheels" Wheelyburg
Kevin Bundy

We were born in Nashville in 2007ish. We won't never die.

"There are two possible scenarios behind the sound of these Nashville natives: Either they are demonic prodigies who were doing angular guitar solos as soon as they plopped out of the womb; or they spent their entire youth cloistered away finger-tapping and studying off-beat syncopation, while all their friends were out having fun." -mixedvegetablez music blog

"With rhythmic, palm-muted power-chord chugs laying the foundation for spasms of lead arpeggios, Gnarwhal is definitely a guitar player's band. Complementing the dual guitars perfectly, the seismic drum beats and the excitable vocals are icing on the cake."
-Johnny Gabbert, KDHX Media

“If breakneck guitar riffs, caffeinated tempos, nonlinear song structures, and howling vocals aren't your cup of tea, Gnarwhal might send you running for the hills, or it might expand your musical landscape.” (KDHX Radio, St. Louis.)

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