Check out 10 minutes out of the 17 hours of our Masterclass HD recording now for sale for $299! Easy payment, convenient download!

We're exited to share this amazing Masterclass with the world. Zach Parrish (Disney head of animation "Big Hero 6") and Brent Homman (Disney animation supervisor "Big Hero 6") each demo'd their workflow, taking you through their animation process of animating a shot from start to finish, pulling from their experience of working on "Tangled", "Wreck-It Ralph" and "Frozen". All this (17 hours total) is recorded in HD and now available for download for only $299!

Zach, who is known to be a super fast, awesome Disney animator, has an amazing ability to demo/animate and verbalize every step he takes very clearly. This Masterclass follows him all the way (10 hours of HD desktop/Maya footage), from setting up his Maya file to blocking, breaking down and polish! He showed ALL his tricks and golden workflow nuggets. All the while sprinkling in informative, fun anecdotes of working on "Tangled" with Glen and the directors, pushing cartoony animation on "Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs", animating weight on "Hulk" and much more!

Brent demo'd his workflow of animating a subtle, close up. He took on the very difficult task of keeping the appeal and fleshyness animating a female character, pulling from his experience on "Tangled" and "Frozen". Similar to Zach's demo, he goes over his way of wrangling in an extremely difficult performance.

This 17 hour long Masterclass will revamp your workflow for sure. Seeing Zach and Brent demo their workflows, is the most effective way of learning what to do, how to do it and more importantly what not to do while animating shots. All this for less than 300 dollars!

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