The Lego 6865 Captain America's Avenging Cycle is a Marvel Super Heroes set which was released in April 2012. It features three main models, together with Captain America, an Alien General, and an Alien Foot Soldier minifigures. Some may see having Captain America as the lone hero in the smallest set odd as he is thought to be the team leader and that means the only thing he can assemble in this set is his “Avenging Cycle”.

This Lego 6865 set consists of 3 parts, Captain America's Avenging Cycle, an alien weapons platform, and an alien air vehicle. Captain America's motorbike is black with a dark red shell over it, and uses transparent bricks for lights. Blue bricks are used on the rear of the bike, and a black clip piece that allow Captain America's shield to be stored. Three stickers are here towards the front of the bike's red shell, two displaying Captain America's shield design, and the other a white S.H.I.E.L.D eagle with a red, blue and white background.

The last model featured in the Lego 6865 set, is the Alien General's one-man air vehicle. Just like the weapons platform, it is grey and tan color format, and features transparent purple engines, two wings that can be folded up and down, and another purple-tipped flick-fire missile mounted under the craft. A dark tan piece is also mounted on the front, which can be folded down. Stickers are applied to each of the three main dark tan parts, which feature a gold and purple design.

The Lego 6865 set includes three minifigures- Captain America with his shield, an Alien General with a gun constructed of four pieces, and an Alien Foot Soldier. This variant of Captain America and the Alien General are both exclusive to this set. The alien weapons platform is a light grey base, and is mostly tan, dark tan and gold pieces. In the center of the platform is a flick-fire missile with a clear purple tip, and the missile's firing angle maybe adjusted up and down by moving the hinged piece.

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