Student showreel autumn 2013
This is work I have done during my first year at Digital Graphics in Stockholm, Sweden.
I enjoy challenges and to test new areas, but I have focused on technical artistery.

Details about each project:

Speed project [Solo part, for group thesis]
This was a really fun project completed in one week (if not counting that I had all the rigs, the 3D-scanned base of the police, the clothes of the other two characters and the raw mocap allready. Then it would be about two and a half week)
I have done everything in this scene, and its all shown in realtime in UDK. I wanted to challenge myself and see what I was able to do in a very limited time.
Special thanks to Pim Shaitosa for her acting skills as the police breaching the door.

Kaiserslacht [Group project]
The assignment was to put together a 40 sec shot of a WW1 war scene. The footage was allready filmed by the school. On this project I got to work with some very awesome people: David Vestion, Hudson Martins, Jonas Bergholm and Pim Shaitosa.
I made the matte painting as well as the compositing (with some help from Pim and Hudson on rotoscoping). I did also simulate the shells ejected from the rifles when reloading.

The controller [Solo project]
This may seam as a quite odd character, but I wanted to give life to something that obviously doesn't exist, and make it feel as if it was real. This character served as a great platform to test motion capture, nParticles, nClotch, nHair and compositing. And of course some more advanced matchmoving.
More info can be found here:

Hands and paintballgame [Team project]
This is a hobby project under development together with Jonathan Skifs. We want to create a fun game which breaks itself out of the box, with new and cool features.
I have been doing a lot of things in this project. Shown in this video are the FPS-hands together with a marker (weapon) that I have modelled, textured, rigged and animated. As well as obstacles and post processing materials. I am also taking care of the project management, having contact with programmers from around the world.

Music: Composed by Jayce Clemons -

Joakim Sten Olsson

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