2000 Miles. 80 Days.
Dozens of State & National Parks. 3 Cameras. 2 Wheels.
1 Bicycling Photographer with Beautiful Pixels to Share.

Raising funds with my photographs from a multi-month bicycle journey throughout the beautiful Pacific Northwest and down the majestic west coast.

---> Since April this year, I left home in Los Angeles on a one-way flight with my bicycle, and have been traveling throughout the Pacific Northwest as I work from one organic farm to another.

I had set out with the intentions of having low-carbon adventures, endless photographic opportunities, full immersement in sustainable food production, and living a minimalistic but socially and environmentally-sound lifestyle in the company of friendly strangers and old friends.

Thurs far, I have spent superbly quality time on 3 farms and intentional communities in British Columbia and Washington, met characters I will never forget, and gathered stories and experiences I would not have gained anywhere else.

As autumn is beginning to set in, the big plan now is to take the ride of my life down the majestic west coast - from the coast of British Columbia, down to the lush Olympic Peninsula, through the entirety of the wild Oregon coastline, crossing the awe-inspiring Redwoods of northern California, stopping for a couple weeks at Pasture 42 with the family which had hosted me on my very first WWOOF experience, down into the San Francisco Bay Area to reconnect with friends, and finally through the famous central & southern California coast to return to where my family resides and where the environmental snowball had started for me - in Los Angeles and San Diego, respectively.

I foresee spending almost 7 million seconds, or 80 days, for this physical and mental trek of a lifetime.

I hope the video will give you a solid essence of what this journey has been about, and if you are interested in seeing the perks of contributing to my fundraiser, please head right towards: indiegogo.com/projects/a-pixel-filled-bicycle-tour/

A big cheers!

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