This is for NM2504 Drawing and the Spacial, assignment 2.

Basically, it is a controller and game. The game starts in a 'continue' message, as if you had just lost your game. The buttons do not work, and the only option is to game over. This annoying, ugly, and horrific loop is enforced by the dystopian controller. I was able to achieve the opposite to my previous Utopian project. Looping in through a lose message, with no way to escape is a dystopian theme in relation to gaming.

Controller is made from:
Das Clay,
Wired cords,
Aluminum foil,
MaKey MaKey,
Small box

Programs used:
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Encore
Adobe Premiere

Thanks to Dean for letting me use his music! See more of his stuff at:

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