Have you ever felt overcrowded on the way to work or school? And that cold and inhuman feeling extends to many public spaces we use everyday. To tunnels, in particular. Tunnels serve only to connect one place to another, hence it is a space where people only rush through and have no other purposes, unlike roads with a city view, for instance. People do not think more of the space as no one ever needs to stop and consider the value of a tunnel. So can we do something to that space? Perhaps add some fun of it?

The concept is to put some fun to a boring space of a tunnel, adding a new thing "Fun Blocks" to that boring space and hence changing people's perspective of that space by bringing a new experience to the users.

This interactive installation execution hopes to be suitable and relevant to the users and to require only minimum effort from users. So the plan is to make some "Fun Blocks" in tunnel up on people's head. When people walk under the box, they just need to punch the bottom of the box, then it will make Mario coin sound effect.

What the audience need to do is walk and punch. People who watch these people punching the boxes that make a funny sound are also having fun. "Fun Blocks" aims to transform this boring and hectic city by injecting it with a little more fun and creating a tiny space for people to relax.

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