Trip I took to Northern Italy.

I took the movies of a trip in Northern Italy with my GoPro. This was taken over two days. The trip in total produced some 24 hours that I had to cut through, leaving only two days with good enough segments. The rest was rather boring standard roads.

I first turned each passage over a pass into separate directories. Next I cut them to the size I wanted it to be, removing beginning and end of the passages, so only the interesting things are shown. This resulted in 6 directories with several mp4 files in each of them.

Using a bash script, I took 1 second of every minute, overlapped a few frames and added some black in the beginning and the end.
This made a total of 6 shorter movies.
Using Kdenlive I added some music to those 6 shorter movies and turned them into one larger movie.

The reason for this all is that I think time-lapse road-trip videos are overdone. Understand that that is a personal opinion.

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