From HMO to PPO to POS to HSA, the United States healthcare industry can be considered a complex, challenging and often times frustrating system to navigate. Over the past several years, however, we have begun to witness a subtle transformation in the way some healthcare providers offer services to their customers. The most forward-thinking healthcare companies have now become more consumer-focused than ever before.

So when Fallon Community Health Plan turned to Communispace, the goal was simple: put the power of the health care consumer to tangible use. How can we involve the end customers, the people we insure, in improving our service offerings? Which new plans, programs, services, or changes can we make to improve the lives of our customers?

Through their collaboration with a community of consumers, Fallon launched a new "Healthy Health Plan" program that rewarded people for being and becoming healthy. In addition, the community and Fallon designed the company’s first ever brick and mortar retail center.

For Fallon, keeping customers is their main priority. To achieve that goal, they partnered with them to produce mutually-beneficial rewards.

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