This is my updated showreel detailing my latest rigged characters all of the characters were rigged and animated by myself.

"Face" modeled by Tony Cosgrove (

The main features of the head include

Controls that deform with the mesh which can be seen most notably on the cheek and lip controls when the jaw is opened (00:20)

Joints and Blendshapes working in tandem to create realistic deformations which can be seen in the swelling of the cheeks when creating a smile (00:35)

Spline based rigging used on the eyebrows (00:43)

"Wolfman" model taken from Digital Tutors tutorial "Introduction to Maya nCloth"

The main features displayed for the wolfman are

Stretchy limbs for FK and IK systems that can be turned on and off (01:14)

Automated controls with additional tweaking controls (01:24)

An ability to have IK systems follow parent objects or the world such as the wrist following the movement of the shoulder, chest or staying welded to a point (01:36)

Hiding and showing control groups to declutter the rig and allow animators to only see the controls they wish to work on (01:51)

"Big Head" modeled by Luke Tovee (

This rig features a variety of different clothing options on the same rig that can be mixed and matched. Each different option comes with it's own additional controls that work on top of the basic biped rig.

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