“How could I know that this city was made to measure of love?
How could I know that you were made to measure my body?”

The city and body are measured by motion. In the city the mobile transportation are moving on the surface of city’s body; in my room the finger is moving on the skin of my body. Through measuring, the motion is seeking for an understanding. I am seeking to create the similar perspective, setting, scenario of my body to imitate the landscape of city. It is a sensory and haptic experience when the fingers moving on the skin, will the city feel the same? I want to turn the unconsciously continuously moving cars into a conscious and intimate experience. To be sensory, to be loved.

I hear the noise of the transportation passing by on the expressway outside the window all the time in my room. This sound breaks the interiority of my private space and enables a delusion that the cars are moving on my skin. An empathetic exchange of the senses is aroused when I imagine the moving cars are actually a haptic behavior for the city just like my finger touches my body tenderly vice versa. In this sense, the city is loved.

But when I start to feel the moving cars are no longer indifferently invading the body of city, I suddenly feel an endless space on my body. It is larger than my body. It cannot be measured. You are not made to measure my body; my body is reluctant to be understood.

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