The power clean should in many ways be viewed as an exercise that can and will improve your clean. Therefore, try to catch the barbell in a high front squat position which is characterized by the upper body having a vertical or, more likely, somewhat forward tilted angle. The key is that the position of your upper body and the feet should be in a way that will allow you to continue to do the front squat without having to adjust anything. Make sure to re-grip effectively. In the power jerk you wanna focus on the following things:

1. Make sure to get some air between the power clean and the power jerk. Inhale to get a good posture before the dip.
2. Tighten you but before and during the dip. Do the dip from the heels (not literally from the heels but from a position where you can move your toes in the shoes).
3. Catch the barbell "behind the ears" with your arms straight. If you land with the barbell to much in the front you'll have to step/run forward to stabilize it.
5. Make sure that you land with your legs bended. This is very important.
4. Try to get both your head and you upper body through the window when you land.
5. Many great power jerkers like to jump out somewhat wide. Try it and see if it works for you but beware that your knees are not falling in both in the dip phase and when you catch the barbell over your head.

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