Photo Fences is a project designed by Photoschool MMC, that invites young photographers from all over the world to turn Nerekhta’s bland surfaces into something beautiful by decorating them with photos.
AIMS OF THE PROJECT to decorate the streets of Nerehta with exhibitions by foreign photographers to show the participant’s look at Russia , especially at Nerehta. Themes of personal exhibitions reflect every photographer’s personal look. to acquaint foreigners with Russia, especially Russian province and to give them an opportunity to learn peculiarities of life in Russia to give the photographers an opportunity to communicate and share experience
The group of photographers was very diverse; nine participants: Katlin Teern,27, Estonia; Yang Kwon Jeong, 26, Korea; Hao Hu, 26, China; Diego Chiaraluce, 35, Italy; Carme Pons i Calvet, 27, Spain; Nina Vanasselt, 22, Netherlands; Darya Gruzdeva, 24, Russia; Ivan Yakovlev, 18, Russia; Malin Aleksandr, 22, Russia formed a mixed group.
The result of the project is a specially designed photo fence filled with different photos made by each photographer. Every photographer and therefore every square meter has its own story to tell. Hopefully Nerekhta is willing to look at, and listen to these stories.

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