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Barrett Brown faces yet another indictment, the third since his arrest in September. Charged with sharing information related to the Stratfor hack and with threatening an officer, Barrett has now been charged with two counts of obstruction. FreeAnons stands in absolute solidarity with Barrett and his family. No matter what one thinks of the content of Barrett’s speech, or whether one approves of the hyperlinks he is alleged to have posted, he now is in the vanguard of internet freedom fighters, due to the government’s aggressive prosecution of him. FreeAnons condemns his overzealous prosecution wholeheartedly, as we do with PayPal 14 and Weatherhead prosecutions, Jeremy Hammond, Andrew Auernheimer, and of course, Aaron Swartz.

Barrett's indictments, as well as the indictments and other court documents of Anons facing prosecution, can now be found under the newest “Court Documents” section of Frequently updated, is an excellent resource for keeping yourself informed. Visit and educate yourself! Together we can attest to these injustices and rally around our fallen brothers and sisters.

FreeAnons is happy to announce support for Operation Valentine. Operation Valentine is an Anonymous effort to send incarcerated Anons and other political prisoners Valentines. Separated from their friends, their family and all of their loved ones, many of our brothers and sisters will be deprived of the most basic of human rights this Valentine's day. Let us commemorate this day by sharing in their spirit and by reminding them that their isolation is only physical, that they are not alone and that they will not be forgotten! Choose a Valentine at the link provided below and send your love to one or more of the addresses listed.

New items have been added to the FreeAnons' Store for the benefit of Higinio Ochoa, a/k/a W0rmer, and his family. 100% of the profits from these items will go to Higinio in the form of commissary and other items needed by him and his family. Show your support by visiting the FreeAnons' Store and purchasing one of these items.

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