Waterdrops is a collaborative game for the public space. The game consists on putting out fire by means of water flows that the users control using tangible pipes on a tabletop interface. Players can control both the direction and strenght of the water flow, and work collaboratively to quench the fire and advance through different levels of difficulty.

Waterdrops was presented in VIVACIDADE (Sao Paulo, 2013) a festival dedicated to foster social awareness of ecological problems, quality of life in the city, and the value of natural resources.


Developed by
- Carles F. Julià
- Daniel Gallardo
- Sebastián Mealla C.

With the support of:
- Music Technology Group (MTG) - Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona)
- Galeria de Arte Digital do Serviço Social da Indústria de São Paulo (Sesi-SP)

Special thanks to:
- Verve Cultural (Sao Paulo)
- Sergi Jordà (MTG-UPF)

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