Party of the Rio of January in Copacabana - Olympic Games 2016

I was intending to arrive early, to be able to carve everything!
But the agitation was crazy and the traffic jams so long what I brought near after the show to have begun.
Without being able to choose more appropriate place, to install the tripod, I finished preferring to enter in the middle of the crowd and filmed of there! Of heart of the euphoria, I could register that so important moment! That will be remembered after two thousand and sixteen year! Lulu Santos was agitating the galley with his mighty swing and his immortal ballads! During the presentation of pop star Brazilian, the crowd was showing that also was there, to be present at the choice of the city of the Rio de January like the thirst of the Olympic Games of two thousand and sixteen year!


not much late, but waited with great expectation, the presentation of Lulu Santos gives place to a great party of the Brazilian wick that was waiting for the right moment, in which the big screen installed in the estrutra of the stage, would show images to the living creature, direct elections of Copenhagem, of the election of the city that would have been chosen to host the Olympic Games of 2016!

When the Rio of January was announced, Brazil was made into a gigantic Carnival and the joy that is already infectious this way, was spread by the rest of the world! I, Saulo Valley straightly of the Beach of Copacabana, in the Rio de Janeiro, for Saulo Valley TVShow!

Congratulations Marvellous City!

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