A tribute performance of one of the most iconic heavy metal songs ever created. "Child in Time" was written by Deep Purple and originally performed by Ian Gillan. This performance features a higher laryngeal position and a subtle amount of vocal fold compression to lighten the harmonic color. The screams feature a partially relaxed vocal folds (Glottis) with increased sub-glottal respiration pressure to engage bernoulli fold closure. In simple terms, the connected sound in the screams is achieved by creating a vaccum between the vocal folds from increased respiratory velocity, which is more efficient and less fatiguing then closing the vocal folds with twang compression. The more efficient, but more advanced technique of glottal respiratory bleed achieves two advantages not found by twanging; 1). It is less fatiguing, and 2). It removes the "quacky" aesthetic that can happen when singers sing high notes.

Mastering the balance of vocal fold compression with sub-glottal respiratory pressure is also a configuration that enables TVS Overlay Distortion techniques. Learn more about the TVS Method, click the link below:


kiliii.com (Filmography)

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